Membership Coordinator

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I spent many hours every week taking Irish Step dance lessons at a local RI dance studio. The highlight of the year was always the St. Patrick’s Day performance season, when the studio would kick it into high gear and practice and perform nonstop.

Starting in late February and continuing until the end of March, every weekend (and many week nights) was dedicated to performing at some local festival, parade, or private function. We performed at practically every school, assisted living home, church, and bar in the entire state of Rhode Island (which, to be fair, is very small). I became accustomed to the smell of overcooked cabbage and the feeling of dancing on spilled beer at a young age. On St. Patrick’s Day itself I would often have more than 12 performances squeezed between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. At my studio, we called this performance season our own “March Madness.”

Because of this, St. Patrick’s Day is not just one day for me, but an entire month-long celebration of music, food, and dance. It’s a feeling of camaraderie that I’ve really missed since I graduated high school and stopped taking dance classes. That’s why I’m so glad that FUUSN is having our first Family Fun Night of the year this March, as a way to belatedly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Fun Night will be on Friday, March 27, and it will be a multigenerational evening of fellowship, food, and fun! This event begins at 5:30 pm and lasts until 8:00 pm. Pizza and soft drinks will be served, but you are encouraged to bring a tasty side dish or dessert to share. There will be fun activities for kids and adults alike, merry music, and perhaps even an Irish step dancing tutorial!

You can come for the whole evening, or for whatever time works best for you. RSVP via email ( so we have a rough idea of how much pizza to order. But don’t worry if you decide to come at the last minute. Everyone will be welcome, including non-FUUSNite friends and neighbors!

I hope you’ll all join me during my first Fun Night as your Membership Coordinator!
                                                                                         Sláinte, Rosemary Dean