Membership Survey (for Member Services)

I’m pleased to report that 72 of you have already responded to the membership survey that I shared last week. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the survey—and thank you, too, for the thought and care that you’ve put into your answers. It’s incredibly helpful to have your thoughts, experiences, and feedback. Several of you have asked to set up a time to talk with me. I will be in touch with you (individually) soon—hopefully next week—to schedule those one-on-one conversations. If you haven’t yet filled out the survey, there’s still time! I’ll keep it open until Friday, March 25. I would love to reach 100 responses by then. It’s a fairly quick process. You can access the survey here.

The survey will help to shape my work and the work of the member services committee moving forward. Once the survey closes and I’ve looked through all of the responses, I will present the information in person, online, or both, so that you all can get a sense of this moment in time at FUUSN.

As always, please be in touch with any concerns, ideas, questions—or just to chat.

-Heather (