Mother’s Day Walk for Peace

On Sunday May 14th our congregation will be one of many participating in the 27th Annual Mothers’ Day Walk for Peace.

You may wonder why a mother would choose to spend Mother’s Day in Dorchester walking through neighborhoods she might never otherwise visit. I walk because it is no accident that Louis D Brown was murdered and my son wasn’t. I walk because generations of systemic racism predicted that I would not find myself in the neighborhoods where homicide happens. Meanwhile people less privileged than I am live, work and go to school in an environment where cycles of violence may be be fed by factors outside their control. The work of the Louis D Brown Peace Institute breaks and reverses those cycles.

Walking “the walk” is a way to physically show up to see and recognize the mutual recalcitrance of inequity and poverty. Financial support of the Peace Institute is more that we can do.

Please consider walking with the 20-40 FUUSNites who’ve made the walk a FUUSN tradition for us. To join our team or to make a pledge, visit
First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton’s Fundraising Page at 27th Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace

You can learn more about how this tradition ties in with the work of the Peace Institute and how the work of the LDB Peace Institute ties in with the work of the UU Urban Ministry by participating in upcoming Zoom meetings with Chaplain Chaplain Clementina Chery, Louis’s mother and the Executive Director  of the LDB Peace Institute, and Reverend Mary Margaret Earl, Executive Director of the UU Urban Ministry.

  1. Breakfast with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Wednesday, April 12th; 10am-12pm at the UU Urban Ministry
  2. Evening with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Wednesday, April 12th; 6pm-7pm via Zoom (ZOOM Link)

Your open hearted involvement will yield spiritual rewards which touch on at least 3 of our 7 UU Principles!

With Peace and Faith,

Dr Leah Dusett