Our FUUSN musicians are joyfully returning to rehearsals, and we’d love to have you with us! We will kick off the new year with an outdoor potluck at FUUSN on Wednesday September 14 (6pmish) – all are welcome to come and enjoy some social time. Of course, if you’d like to stay for choir rehearsal, we will happily find you a seat, some music, and a choir buddy.

Throughout the year, we will sing together. We affirm our beliefs by singing hymns during the services; we come together in jolly community during Instant Choir (the first IC will be on Sept. 18); and we’ll share our favorite songs in pre-service Hymn Sings (the first Hymn Sing will be on October 16).

As always, our worship services will be enlivened by music, presented by the newly-rejuvenated Sunday Morning Family Choir, the Sanctuary Choir, our Band, our congregational soloists and songwriters, and by CreationDance. Please know that you are welcome to join us – for a few weeks or for the year – as a singer, an instrumentalist, a dancer, or maybe the ever-important tech geek.

Here are some ways to make music at FUSN:

  • Sanctuary Choir – open to all, no experience necessary. We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7.30-9pm in the Parish Hall, and Sundays 9-10am in the Sanctuary. We help to lead worship almost every Sunday.
  • The BAND, a fearless group willing to play pretty much anything at any time. They play in our services throughout the year and generally rehearse on the Sunday mornings they’re playing, at 8.30am. The Band puts together a rocking show for the Annual FUUSN Musicians Concert, to be held this year on February 26, 2023. We’re also planning a Folk Music Sunday in April.
  • The FUUSN Family Choir is made up of children and their families, singing and having fun together. The Family Choir will meet on some Sundays at 9:45am to learn a song which they will sing in that morning’s service. Easy-peasy! Our first song will be “Who Did Swallow Jonah?” on October 2.
  • Music Sunday Choir – open to all, sings twice a year (Nov. 6, 2022 and March 26, 2023). We rehearse the Music Sunday music from 7:30-8 or 8:30 on Wednesdays.
  • Other ensembles – chamber music groups, low- and high-voice choirs, Flute Choir, etc. If you play an instrument or want to sing a solo, or have a song you’ve written, don’t be shy – we can find a place for you.
  • CreationDance adds beautiful movement to our services. For information, email Helena Froelich at

Questions? Email me at

-Anne Watson Born