New Beginnings

I’ve lived in the Boston area for seven years and I still can’t get over spring’s reluctance to commit. When March rolls around, I think, “Phew! We made it through January and February,” only to have a snowstorm (or three) remind me that–even with climate change at work–New England winters are loath to release us. But now, as April begins, the world feels a bit warmer on good days, and a few flowers and trees are coming back to life. I’m starting to believe that before long, I won’t need my winter jacket.

As always, the weather reminds me of our human lives. Talking with one of you last week, we both remarked on the busy-ness at FUUSN these days. RE is back in person, FUUSN musicians are rehearsing for their annual concert this Sunday–the same day that we’ll welcome new members during service, which will follow the first community breakfast in more than two years.

It’s great to see FUUSN gradually opening up. To be together again in person is an incredible balm after the Omicron wave. Reopening is also potentially tiring, depending on who you are and what the past couple of years have been like for you. Beyond my work at FUUSN, as my family begins traveling again, I find myself out of practice, wondering if travel was always so much work. It feels as if my mental muscles responsible for personal logistics have atrophied from disuse—not to mention that life is, in fact, different than it was. For example, I had never considered travel insurance before the pandemic. I didn’t stock up on masks and hand sanitizer before a flight. And some interactions wear me out more than they used to.

As our family delves back into logistics–and as FUUSN’s congregational life buds again, I keep thinking, “Everyone is doing their best.” It’s not something I used to say much, but it’s become a mantra that gives me patience with myself and allows me to extend grace to others in this season of re-emergence. I’m curious, and eager, to see how congregational life will unfold as we plan events with Zoom options and covid considerations in mind.

Here’s to welcoming new beginnings, altered traditions and awkward reconnections, knowing that we’re all doing our best as we rebuild together.

-Heather (, or

More Membership Notes

• Survey Says…109 of you completed the recent membership survey! Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences and thoughts that way. I’ll be going through the responses over the next few weeks, and will share those with you sometime in May. Whether you completed the survey or not, please let me know if there’s anything membership-related that you would like to discuss.
• New Member Welcome this Sunday: FUUSN will officially welcome five new members during this Sunday’s service.
• Greeters needed! Are you looking for an easy, fun and important way to be involved at FUUSN? Then greeting might be for you. See Jeannie Chaisson’s note below for more details, and please reach out to her at with questions, or to sign up.

Our Daffodils are Blooming – Is FUUSN Spring-ing back?

Although many of us are still anxiously watching for new variants and following the new-infections rates, our community has been able to edge back into an approximation of our usual activities. Some of us have gathered for pledge parties; some danced to the music on Giving Sunday, and many will join us this coming Sunday for our first Community Breakfast in a very long time.

While our current, hybrid model of Sunday Worship Services has allowed us to gather in person or from our homes, we have seen an increase in the numbers attending in person, and an increase in the number of new faces in our sanctuary. Which brings me to my main point – we need to be sure that we have people available to welcome both old friends and newcomers to our community on Sunday mornings. (You knew that I was going to get here, didn’t you!).

For those who are able to attend in person, we are hoping that you would consider volunteering to be a greeter. It would be optimal to have some regular help (once a month)–our goal is to create four teams, one per Sunday each month–we are also always happy to have your assistance when it fits into your schedule. The job is easy and fun (we’ll train you!) and it is very important to have information, guidance, and smiling faces available to those who visit us.

And because the role of Sunday Morning Greeter (formerly known as Usher) is now a part of our Member Services Committee, volunteering to help out will also provide you with the opportunity to meet our fabulous new Member Services Coordinator, Heather Beasley Doyle. What a deal!

If you would like to help, please reply to me only and we can set up some times for you to be part of the greeting team.

Thanks – Jeannie Chaisson