New UUs and UU Singles

In May we welcomed six new members to the congregation. It was exciting to see such a diverse cohort of UUs, with roots in a broad range of faith traditions, bringing their ideas, their commitments, their creative energies, and their unique selves to the FUUSN mix.

They are joining a community, but they are enriching and reshaping it, too. One of our recently minted members has suggested to me that FUUSN should reach out to other UU congregations in the Boston area to form a social group for single UUs. I have taken up this excellent suggestion, and you will be hearing from me again shortly with an update on progress. But get in touch with me by email ( if you would like to participate in the group, if you would like to help create and organise it, or if you know any UU singles beyond FUUSN who might want to get involved!

If you are a new member of FUUSN with thoughts about building community, or a longtime member with some fresh ideas, please get in touch. Creating community at FUUSN is an ongoing project, which evolves as the community evolves. Is there a group or activity that you would like to see established at FUUSN? Can you bring your energy and your dedication to the task? Wonderful! Let’s make our congregation what we need it to be.                     –Samuel Foster