Nominating Committee

Dear FUUSN Members,

The nominating committee has received a few nominations so far, but we wish to remind and encourage you to think of FUUSN members you would recommend for leadership positions…There are 15 to fill!

Keep in mind, you make FUUSN happen! The FUUSN Nominating Committee is now seeking nominations for the Society’s elected leadership positions for 2021-2022. We invite you to submit the names of FUUSN Members you would like to see in the leadership roles that are so vital to our community. If you are interested in a position yourself, feel free to submit your own name. 

You do not need to ask the individuals you are recommending if they wish to be nominated, and you can nominate someone without referencing a particular slot. If you wish to give a reason for your nomination, that is also welcome. Please email nominations to

Fifteen positions are open for election this spring. See position descriptions on page 2 below.
Board of Trustees (two positions)
Operations Council (two positions)
Trustee of High School Age (two youth may share this position)
Treasurer (one position)
Assistant Treasurer (two positions)
Moderator (one position)
Clerk (for the Board) (one position)
Assistant Clerk (for the Operations Council) (one position)
Board of Investment (one position)
Delegates to the UU Urban Ministry (three positions)

Nominations can be made for all the above positions. It should be noted that several positions have incumbents willing to serve another term. For this reason, we particularly encourage nominations for these positions which do not have eligible incumbents:
Ops Council
Trustee of High School Age
Assistant Treasurers
Board of Investment

The Nominating Committee will be scheduling a Zoom information session to address FUUSN governance, the nominating process and open positions. Keep an eye out for that announcement. Meanwhile, please submit candidates’ names anytime!

Nominations are open through Sunday, April 18. All nominations will be acknowledged, reviewed and considered. Taking into account both a person’s interest and qualifications to serve, the NC will present a slate of candidates to be elected at the Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 6, 2021.

Feel free to contact the Nominating Committee anytime to submit a name and/or ask questions:

FUUSN Elected Leadership Positions Descriptions

The 2021 Nominating Committee is preparing a slate of candidates for open FUUSN leadership roles for 2021-2022. All positions are described below. We welcome nominations for the open slots. Nominees must be FUUSN members. The election will be held at our Annual Meeting. Please send nominations and questions to the Nominating Committee at

Board of Trustees (BOT) Term: 3 Years
The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the FUUSN, proactively planning (maintaining focus on mission, purpose and vision), dialoguing with congregants & staff regarding needed programs, policies and changes in governance, and stewarding assets. The seven-person Board (one of High School age) works collaboratively with the Minister, and oversees the Operations Council, Personnel Policy Committee, the Board of Investments, and any other Board appointed committees. The BOT governs with an emphasis on outward vision and strategic leadership and ensures that all actions are consistent with FUUSN’s purpose and values.

Trustee of High School Age – Term: 1 Year
Has the same responsibilities as adult Trustees. The position may be shared by two people.

Operations Council Members – Term: 3 years
Accountable to the BOT through the various reporting & policy documents of FUUSN, manages and oversees day-to-day operational issues and committees at FUUSN partnering with staff. Members of the Operations Council may be re-elected.

Treasurer – Term: 1 Year
Writes checks, keeps accurate account of all property, receipts, expenditures, and of all the indebtedness of FUUSN. Serves on the Operations Council and attends Finance Committee meetings. Prepares Treasurer’s report twice a year for BOT & Operations Council.

Assistant Treasurer -Term: 1 Year
Provides backup to the Treasurer for check signing and runs deposits to the bank in Treasurer’s absence.

Board of Investment -Term: 3 Years
The Board of Investment holds, invests, and manages the funds entrusted to it by donors to the Society, by the Board of Trustees (BOT) and by the Treasurer of the Society. The members of the Board of Investment are fiduciaries of FUUSN’s Unrestricted and Restricted Endowment Funds, as well as of other non-Endowment funds held on behalf of the BOT and the Treasurer. Three members of the Board of Investment are directly elected by the Congregation, each to serve a three-year term, renewable once, and are accountable to FUUSN for their actions. The Board of Investment reports quarterly to the BOT and annually to the Congregational Annual Meeting.

Moderator -Term: 1 Year
Presides at the Annual Meeting and any special meetings of the general membership. Appoints the Nominating Committee. This position requires a good understanding of the workings of FUUSN and Robert’s Rules governing meetings. Most important is patience and the ability to support constructive discussions among people with differing opinions.

Clerk for the Board – Term: 1 Year
Attends meetings of the FUUSN Board of Trustees as well as FUUSN’s Annual Meeting. Takes minutes reflecting an accurate record of the meetings. Posts minutes so they are available to the congregation.

Assistant Clerk/Clerk of Council – Term: 1 Year
Takes minutes at monthly Operations Council meetings and acts as Clerk in the Clerk’s absence. Posts minutes so they are available to the congregation.

Delegates to the UU Urban Ministry – Term: 1 Year
The UU Urban Ministry serves youth, survivors of domestic violence, and provides social justice and cultural programming in Roxbury. Delegates keep up to date on the UUUM, liaise between FUUSN and the UUUM, and support the UUUM mission by promotion and fundraising activities as well as volunteering.

Thank you, from your FUUSN Nominating Committee,
Danny Jones, Curt Lamb, Barbara Niles, Matt Ritter, Wendy Schwartz