Nominating Committee

Once upon a time, in a fantasy kingdom, there was a Society. It was ruled by a benevolent King Pan-Gender, Democratically elected Board of Trustees.

One day, a pair of shepherds HS Trustees sprinted into town yelling “There’s a dragon heading right toward the town!” There was much commotion, and the knights Ops Council rode out to meet the threat, while the archers Board of investment and soldiers Assistant treasurer scrambled to defend the walls.

Then, as clouds obscured the full moon, the dragon flew over the town. And kept flying, never to be seen again.

The townspeople rejoiced, but in their festivities they forgot to send any nominations to before April 18th. Without necessary positions filled, everyone was eaten by an ogre later that month.


Danny Jones, Curt Lamb, Barbara Niles, Matt Ritter, Wendy Schwartz