Open Leadership Positions at FUUSN

“I’ve participated in many committees and always appreciate the fellowship over my 34 years at FUUSN. When a position on the Operations Council came up last year I asked to be elected.” –Kate Mason

“My service with FUUSN’s Board of Trustees was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. However in retrospect it served to increase my self-confidence, and without a doubt heightened my awareness of how a non-profit business is conducted. I would honestly say that I harbor no regrets in having been a part of the BoT team. I would label it an experience that brings with it and leaves you with valuable experience.” –Gregg DiBiaso

These quotes are from two FUUSN members who are stepping down from their elected positions this year. As a result, the Nominating Committee is actively seeking members who would like to contribute their time and talent to leading FUUSN. The Nominating Committee will staff a table at coffee hour where members can inquire about open positions and volunteer to be nominated or recommend members who might be approached by the Committee to see if they would be interested in serving.

The following elected offices are being vacated this year: Board of Trustees: Two three year terms are being vacated as well as the two BOT Youth Representatives. Trustees develop policy and provide financial and administrative oversight of the Society. The BOT meets monthly. Operations Council: One three year term and one one year term are being vacated. The Operations Council guides and coordinates the activities of the various committees and staff activity of the Society. The Ops Council meets monthly. Treasurer: The treasurer is an elected position nominated yearly without term limits. The Treasurer signs checks and keeps the accounting of the Society. The Treasurer is a member of the Operations Council and the Finance Committee and attends the monthly meetings. Board of Investment: One three year term. Members oversee the investments of the Society. The Board of Investment meets monthly. For more detailed information, please go to the By Laws posted on the FUUSN website. You can contact Sheila Ardery at or reach out to the Nominating Committee members, Ann Woodbury, Andrew Morse, Jim Emerson, or George Batchelor.