Operations Council: The Big Picture

My first radical act on arrival at FUUSN was to create a library. Previously, as a shy visitor, I had appreciated the library at the Ithaca UU congregation. In 1983, Christine Samuelson and I hauled some bookcases upstairs from the basement to the Ladies Parlor. Our project fizzled quickly. I learned that FUUSN has a governance system that keeps us on an even keel. No more radical acts for me. Now we have a rolling library sponsored by Adult Ed with a broad selection of current books and videos available during coffee hour.

FUUSN is run by two governing bodies: The Board of Trustees and The Operations Council. The Board is responsible for visionary leadership and the Ops Council keeps the pulse of the weekly activities. One of the things I didn’t know, was the Operations Council and the Board of Trustees take turns writing for the newsletter. As the new member of the Ops Council, this is my opportunity to tell you about The Big Picture!!

Do you want to know how to make a difference? Do you want to know who to contact? Do you know how the church works? Do you want to see The Big Picture?

This fall the DLT (Developing Leadership Team) has initiated a display. This living, engaging, changeable board is for visitors and seasoned congregants alike. The Big Picture might be a focal point at coffee hour for information about committees looking for help or looking for leaders. This is a great place to show a newcomer the Big Picture and pictures brings this big poster to life. For example, did you know FUUSN is looking for more people to serve on the Communication team? The perfect opportunity for a person with tech and or publicity skills! Or are you interested in cooking with a great crew for an appreciative mob? Maybe the Community breakfast is the place to dive in. Or helping with the FUUSN library.

Our society offers hundreds of ways to connect with other; opportunities to engage. FUUSN offered me a community. FUUSN gave me a multi-generational family of talented, creative, thoughtful, spiritual, and fun people. See you at The Big Picture! -Kate Mason