Operations Council: FUUSN Room Rentals

Do you know that, as a member of FUUSN, you receive a discount on the room rental rate when you host an event in our building? What a terrific perk of membership! Last year the Operations Council reviewed the rental rates and policies, which resulted in more appropriate, yet very reasonable prices, and a clearer way to rent rooms. Regular rates were established based on the size each room, and a separate, minimum cleaning fee per rental was instituted. As shepherds of the building, we aimed to cover the costs (heat, electricity, wear and tear, etc.) of operating our beautiful old structure. In December 2016, the Ops Council continued to refine the policies and rates for room rentals. A pro-rated fee structure was approved for members, based on 50% of the regular rate per room. For non-profits, the rate is 75% of the regular amount.