Operations Council Report: Committee Chairs Meeting 3/7/20

It seems like it happened in another life but only a few weeks ago, the Operations Council met with committee chairs as we do twice a year. We check in with each other on work in progress, initiatives underway and ways to connect and/or resolve conflicts.

Three of the annual budget drive team, Elisabeth Greer, Rob Gifford and Michael Costello, reported on plans for the annual budget drive which was then hoped to run similarly to other years. This year’s innovation, which has proven very fortuitous, is the online pledge form. All Committee Chairs were asked to start any meeting with a request to pledge and the commitment that the Committee Chairs themselves had done so. The team is working to make the stewardship role more community building.

Reports were made by the over 60s co-leaders, Wendy Haskell and Connie Adkins, Legacy Circle and Nominating Committee member, Bruce Kimball, Board of Investment member, David Griswold, Holiday Fair leader, KIt Ryan, Services Auction leader and Member Services Chair, Pat Rohan, Financial Oversight Committee member, Josh Cohen, Racial Justice Ministry, Jacqui James, Yard Sale and Holiday Fair member, Sandy Jones, Summer Services Chair, Curt Lamb, Building and Grounds Committee, Laurel Farnsworth, Social Action member, Bobbie Sproat, Lay Ministers, Jud Leonard. Written reports were submitted by Demi Stathoplos and Pat Rohan for the Services Auction and the Membership Committee.

These are just some of the many committees that do the work of our congregation. Members can contact them individually or read the full minutes, available by request to Susan Bartlett, Chair of the Operations Council. We will see if we can post them on the website.