Over 60s News for 2021

To the entire congregation: Please join us for our planned presentations, creative salons and interests groups!
                                Presentation Calendar for Winter 2021
Thursday. May 20 3- 5:30pm – “Reconnecting with Community,” Presenter: Karen Edward, Ph.D. therapist, author, artist and teacher. After months of person- to- person isolation, Karen will address with us our reconnections with community, to create holistic relationships with others, self and nature and combat the fragmentation of our lives that recent isolation has created.

                  On-going Over 60s Interest Groups – Open to all
Register with the coordinators to get on the email list for each group
Movie Group: Meetings on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 pm. Coordinators: Connie Stubbs, Lynne Karlson, and Thalia Verros. Each month a group volunteer will host the movie discussion. Two movies are selected each month, one by the group at large and the second by the coordinators. Access to the movies to watch at home can be accessed through the Newton Library Kanopy and Hoopla. Discussion each month led by a group volunteer who can host the meeting. Register with Connie Stubbs: Constance.stubbs@gmail.com
TED TALK Group: Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays monthly – 3:00 – 4:30 pm. Coordinators: Carrie VanderLann. And Karen Edwards. Variety of topics chosen with opportunity for spin off group meetings for further discussion. Important to listen to the TED TALK prior to the meeting. Register with Carrie VanderLann: carrivan011@gmail.com
Book Group: Meeting, Sundays from 4 to 5:30 pm. (Once or multiple times a month dependent on the book choice). Book choices based on intellectual interest in socio/political/environmental themes. Register with Sandra Mahaniah: galinda47@hotmail.com
Walking Group – Coordinator: Ruth Comstock. Weekly are planned for every Friday. Ruth will post walks to the 25+ participants who have already registered with her. Keep posted for her emails. Pairing off walkers are facilitated. Welcome to others: Register with Ruth at Ruthcomstock1@gmail.com
Gardening Group: Coordinator: Alta Hodges. Register with Alta at paalta@yahoo.com. She wishes to send out resources this fall/winter to help with planning and questions for the spring towards a virtual meeting in the spring to initiate gardening activities.
For the Over 60s, to subscribe to the Over 60s email, notify Greg Sullivan at gregs@sulliwood.org