Parking Around FUUSN

The start of the new church year seems like a good time to make sure everyone knows about parking available around FUUSN. The good news is that we have permission to park at the Santander Bank on Sunday mornings and other times when the bank is closed. Please be aware of the following restrictions: No parking along the bank wall; No parking in the 5 spaces on Highland Ave, closest to the bank and across the street from FUUSN (these 5 spaces are clearly marked with signs indicating that they are for ATM use only at all times); and no parking in the 4 spaces near the dumpster (these spaces are marked with red signs clearly stating they are for ATM use; one sign is hidden and one is on the ground).

There are also a number of other parking options within a 5 minute walk from FUUSN. These include:

• Family ACCESS of Newton (formerly Newton Community Service Center) at 492 Waltham Street. You can park here Monday–Friday after 6:30 and all day Saturday and Sunday. If you use Family ACCESS on Saturday evening, please do not park in the reserved spaces in the front of the building.

• Public lot off Cherry Street to the west behind the stores that front Washington Street.

• MBTA lot across from Blue Ribbon BBQ (requires payment even on Sundays).

• Small lot at the end of the block with Blue Ribbon and the Local (reserved for jury members when court is in session).

• Parking is allowed only on certain parts of Highland Street and Davis Street; carefully read any parking restriction signs.

• Chestnut Street on the side across from Second Church.

There is a small staff parking lot at the rear of the building. On Sunday mornings, the staff make these spaces available for those with mobility issues.

Feel free to contact any member of the Operations Council if you have questions.

Susan Bartlett, Operations Council