Pizza & the Principles: Lunch Event with Rev. Erin This Sunday, Nov. 5

Join us for lunch, games, and discussion after coffee hour this Sunday. Pizza & the Principles will be led by Rev. Erin, and will feature some funky art, created by you! We’ll make a collage and a sculpture together, in a spirit of collaboration, fellowship, and fun. Bring your creativity, your curiosity, and your appetites!
Don’t forget to register, so we can plan the food. We will end a bit earlier this time, because of the community breakfast in the morning, and this lovely fall weather. All are welcome, from age 3 to 103, and we look forward to seeing you there!

This time around, we want you to bring something! 

Is there an object that has meaning for you, something that represents a time when you acted to affirm or promote justice, or equity, or compassion? Alternatively, if there an object that symbolizes a time when someone acted to affirm justice, or equity, or compassion on your behalf?

You could bring an object that represents a time when someone was kind to you, for example, or a time when you were kind to someone else. Or a time when you stood up for justice on behalf of others. Or a time when someone stood up for you, lifted you up when you were down.

Find an object that is meaningful to you—that symbolizes for you some aspect of the Second Principle—when you join us for lunch on November 5. If you’re not able to bring the actual object, bring a representation instead. A photo, a model, some symbol, or even a drawing will work, too. And don’t worry—you can take your object home again!

Let me know if you have any questions. But you’ll find out more about the activity on the day. It’ll be fun! -Samuel Foster