Pledge Drive Update and Learn about FUUSN: Spotlight Annual Events

As of this writing we have 219 pledges and have raised $562,946. We are 91.5% to our goal! We must turn in our budget to the Finance Committee next week. Please get your pledge in so that it is reflected in the budget!

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Learn about FUUSN! Today’s spotlight: Annual Activities (Part I)

FUUSN has many annual activities that our congregants love! We’ll go through them in chronological order from today, so pull out your calendar so you can set aside time to join in! There are so many that we had to separate them to fit them in the newsletter. Part II will come out next week.

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14, 2023)
Mother’s Day Walk for Peace
FUUSN has long been a strong and vocal advocate for the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and their Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. The Walk for Peace has traversed the streets of Boston in May for most of the past 27 years as both a fundraiser for this Dorchester institution, and as a show of support for Boston families impacted by gun violence. The Peace Institute offers assistance to families who have lost loved ones to violence and as a place to reconcile with those who commit violent acts.

This year’s Walk follows the route of the Peace Walk’s early days, through the streets of Dorchester. We will join many other UU churches and dozens of organizations across the city, along with impacted family members on this 4 mile Walk in solidarity. Every year we meet and hear from some amazing people.

If you are unable to walk, please support your FUUSN walkers with a donation to our team page

If you’re interested in walking, staffing a table at FUUSN coffee hour, or helping with other logistics, please reach out to this year’s team leaders: Leah Dusett: or Val Miller:

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday May 27 through Monday May 29, 2023)
Sandy Island Retreat:
In the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee, Sandy Island provides a weekend of activities, nature and deepening friendships with long talks. Activities range from crafts, dancing, games, book and other discussions, softball, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, yoga, talent show, bonfire, swimming, kayaking, outdoor sports, nature walks, photography – whatever you want to do (you provide the activities!) We stay in rustic cabins that enable some peace and quiet between activities or for a good night’s sleep. For more information or to volunteer to help, contact Denise Bousquet at . Registration for this event begins soon. Watch the FUUSN News!

On the Lodge Porch at Sandy Island Happy Hour

Looooong Conversations at Sandy Island

Kayaking at Sandy

Sunday, June 11, 2023, After the Flower Ceremony 

FUUSN Annual Meeting: 

Everyone is welcome to come to the meeting.  Per our by-laws, people who have been official members for at least 30 days prior to June 11th are eligible to vote on any matters that come before the congregation at that meeting.  We will be voting on our annual budget, and on the slate of candidates to fill open positions on our Board, Ops Council, Board of Investment, Moderator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Clerk and Assistant Clerk. There may be other business that comes before the congregation at the annual meeting, such as amendments to the by-laws.  

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Devin Shmueli at , or reach out to him on Sunday morning after service.

Sunday June 18, 2023 through the entire summer (except July 4 and Labor Day)

Summer Services: 

Many enjoy the informal quality of summer services and the opportunity to engage with heartfelt presentations by fellow society members.  Each service includes Joys and Sorrows led by a Lay Minister, a meditation, poetry, and music.  Services will start at 10:15 and conclude with coffee hour.  In order to allow participation by all, some services will be on Zoom, some in the Parish Hall (but not both at the same time). We will remind you each week of that week’s format.  Children are welcome, but child-care will not be provided.  A calendar, with brief descriptions of all summer services is being developed now.

Join us this summer to continue sharing, celebrating, learning and worshiping with the FUUSN community. If you want to learn more, or wish to participate, please contact .

August 10, 5-7 PM

Summer Picnic

Gather with other FUUSN folk at the Cove for a potluck/BBQ down at the Cove in Auburndale.  It’s a great time to catch up and be outdoors with your friends!  Member Services brings the charcoal and the paper goods. You bring anything you like to grill and a side to share. Watch the FUUSN News for more information and fill the tables in the photo below!

Picnic Area at The Cove

Indigenous People’s Weekend (Friday October 6 – Monday October 9, 2023)

Ferry Beach Retreat:

Each Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend, about 100 community members gather at Ferry Beach, a Unitarian Universalist camp and conference center perched on a lovely beach in southern Maine, to enjoy camaraderie and nearby attractions.  The group organizes activities, services, and games, ride bikes or walk in the woods, and may also take advantage of nearby attractions. Some people stay put and enjoy the beach, sports, and crafts; others venture to the Portland Museum, apple picking, or kayaking. To learn more, or to participate in planning this year’s retreat, contact .

On the beach at Ferry!

Bonfire at Ferry Beach

Saturday October 28, 2023 – 9:30 – 1pm

FUUSN Yard Sale

Nearly 100 FUUSN folk scour their attics and basements for the best toys and games, household items, art, collectibles, kitchen gadgets, pet items, tools, office supplies, crafts, luggage, frames, baskets and more, bring them to FUUSN the week prior and then volunteer their time to organize and sell these items at a giant yard sale in the Parish Hall as a fundraiser for FUUSN.  People come from all over the area to attend our Yard Sale!  Watch the FUUSN News for more information in October.

Just before opening the doors for the Yard Sale

Just after opening the doors for the Yard Sale

Transgender Day of Remembrance (Monday, November 20, 2023)

An evening vigil is held on November 20 to honor those who have lost their lives in the effort to be fully themselves. This service includes music, readings, prayer, candle lighting and a litany of the names of those who have died in the past year.

From after Thanksgiving until they run out

Christmas Tree Sales

FUUSN has offered fresh-cut Christmas trees for sale to the congregation and to the general community during December for over twenty years. All the labor is done by a hardy band of volunteers. We unload hundreds of trussed-up firs from a flatbed semi-trailer, hang lights over the backyard, set up display stands, put up signs and banners, unwrap each tree and set it on display, trim down the trunk and branches to the request of customers, help load the tree onto or into their vehicles, then put it all away again and rake up the fallen needles at the end. It’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a significant fund-raising activity for the church. It gives one the opportunity to be active outdoors at a time of year when often we aren’t, and most of the people one meets are in a pretty good mood—especially the children. Some of us find that it puts a bit of magic back in the holiday season.

We are always looking for volunteers. All that’s required is a certain tolerance for the cold, and the ability to dress appropriately for it.  For more information contact Eric Hass at .

Uploading Trees

Christmas Trees ready for sale!

Part II of annual events will be in the next newsletter. Please join us in creating and enjoying these events and invite your friends!  None of FUUSN’s wonderful annual events happen without your time, talent and treasure!   Fill out the Community Engagement Survey and Pledge here