Pledge Drive Update and Learn about FUUSN: Spotlight RJM

As of this writing we have 208 pledges, have raised $555,278 and are 90.3% to our goal and need another $59K
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Community Engagement Survey – Quote of the Week: “We are very supportive of FUUSN’s mission and role in the community. Thank you for doing the good work that you do. We look forward to seeing everyone from time to time.”
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Learn about FUUSN! Today’s Spotlight: Racial Justice Ministry (RJM)!

Participants in FUUSN’s Living the Pledge facilitator training
The RJM has been a major participant in the FUUSN community for over eight years, producing over 68 programs and events with over 260 of us participating in one or more of them. We have focused primarily on educational book groups, movies, and the Living the Pledge workshops. Along the way, we have participated in some controversial issues including the White Supremacy teach-ins, the Allen Window issue, the removal of the ministers’ portraits, and the adoption of the 8th Principle resolution.

Here are a few statistics about our programs and events
• 28 book groups, 9 different books, 23 facilitators and 134 participants
• 10 other discussion groups with 92 of us participating in one or more of them
• 7 movie/video screenings
• 7 Living the Pledge workshops, staffed with 30 volunteers for 92 participants
• 16 other events
• 22 of us have participated on the RJM Steering Committee
• 42 of us have led or facilitated the above programs

Tufts BlackOut Step Team at “An Evening of Blacknificence”

A picture of the enthusiastic crowd at “An Evening of Blacknificence”
Our purpose, as the FUUSN Racial Justice Ministry, is to inspire, educate, support, and equip FUUSN’s leadership and membership, including ourselves, for vital and vibrant racial justice and anti-oppression engagement in our congregation and in the larger community.
Until recently we have been focused on the FUUSN community. Lately we have started looking outward. We tabled at the Newton MLK event this year and made connections with racial justice groups at Newton’s Catholic churches. We also supported members of Newton’s Black community to produce the highly acclaimed “An Evening of Blacknificence” in celebration of Black History Month. In our current Living the Pledge workshop we have three members of First Parish Church in Waltham and we are looking forward to including more people from the wider community in future workshops.

RJM tabling at Newton’s MLK celebration
We will continue to offer programs and events and invite all FUUSN community members to support our work with your joyful enthusiasm, your commitment to justice, and your desire to work with others toward a more equitable world. To learn more about opportunities to make a difference in our anti-racism efforts please visit members of RJM at coffee hour this Sunday (April 30) or contact co-chairs Bill Holland ( or Christine Lookner ( directly.

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