Pledge Drive Update

As of this writing we have 223 pledges and have raised $566,646. We are 92% to our goal!
We must turn in our budget to the Finance Committee on Monday, May 15. Please get your pledge in so that it is reflected in the budget! We do not need payment now, just let us know how much you pledge.

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There are two very easy ways to do it:
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Community Engagement Survey – Quote of the Week: “Generally, the more things I do, the greater my satisfaction. But I run out of time…to sleep, for instance..”
132 people have taken the survey – we would like to have a lot more!
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Learn about FUUSN! Today’s spotlight: Annual Activities – Part II

FUUSN has many annual activities that our congregants love! We’ll go through them in chronological order from the beginning of December, so pull out your calendar so you can set aside time to join in! Part I ran last week, and is available at the end of this newsletter if you missed it.

First Saturday in December (Saturday December 2, 2023 – 9:30 – 1pm)
FUUSN Holiday Fair

All fall FUUSNites make jams, jellies, handicrafts, gifts, quilts, baked goods, clean and repair jewelry, gather books, high quality gifts for the silent auction, and decorations to make wreaths. This is one of the biggest fundraisers FUUSN has and is a favorite holiday tradition for many from miles around! This effort and the yard sale are a great place for people to sign up to do a few hours of work and have fun while they are doing it. Fetch the FUUSN News for more information in the fall.

FUUSN Holiday Fair in full swing

Winter Solstice (Thursday, December 21, 2023)

We gather on  the evening of the winter solstice (December 21) to celebrate the many earth-centered traditions of honoring the longest night of the year. 

Solstice Service outdoors during COVID

Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24, 2023)
Christmas themed services include a carol sing and pageant, and Christmas Eve services are at 7:00 p.m. for traditional stories and carols; and a candlelight service at 10:00 p.m. with less traditional readings, music and honoring each baby born that year. The evening’s offerings are shared with those in need.. There are baked goods and apple cider after the late for all to enjoy!

Holiday Pageant

A Saturday night in late January/early February
The FUUSN Fabulous Services Auction

The auction provides FUUSNites the opportunity to bid on great services that are mostly donated by FUUSN folks. Dinner and adult beverages are served and childcare is provided. The evening is always a fun filled, community-building event in addition to raising funds to support FUUSN. If you are interested in helping with this event, the Services Auction Committee is always looking for new members who like to have fun and enjoy working with a group. The next auction is tentatively scheduled for February 3rd, 2024. Watch FUUSN News for more information in late December and early January.. For more information:

Fun at the Services Auction

Annual Pledge Drive
The Pledge Drive team raises funds to keep FUUSN going starting in March and until the budget is due to the Finance Committee by early May. Attend a pledge party to share what FUUSN means to you and get to know some new people in FUUSN. Stewards contact the people who have not pledged (or turned in their community engagement survey) during April.

WE ARE FUUSN Tapestry before hanging in the Sanctuary

Community Breakfast Pledge Party


Easter Egg Hunt

The celebration of Easter, which usually falls in April, includes the Annual Easter Egg Hunt for all children and the young at heart in the RE program.

Before the hunt…

Off they go!


Community Breakfasts

A dedicated team of early morning cooks whip up a delicious breakfast for all (hopefully) monthly!   These wonderful folks serve up different foods each time (waffles, scallion pancakes, pancakes!) and there are options for everyone.  Gather together in the Parish Hall to eat breakfast and chat for an hour on a Sunday morning.  If you are interested in helping with the next community breakfast please reach out to Chris Dame at .

Community Breakfast

And now we are back where we started!  Please join us in creating and enjoying these events and invite your friends!  None of FUUSN’s wonderful annual events happen without your time, talent and treasure!   Fill out the Community Engagement Survey and Pledge here