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Learn about FUUSN Spotlight – Over 60’s

The Over 60s are thriving! Come join us.

Our Over 60s program began in late 2015 with the idea of exploring issues of interest and concern to our cohort facing challenges and reckonings of this time of life.

We started with a few small leader-led support groups and from this beginning, the Over 60s evolved rapidly into a myriad of activities and enthusiastic participation which addressed our mission to enhance interpersonal sharing, connection, learning and celebration within our cohort along with contributions to our FUUSN community as a whole.

Our treasured Over 80 and 90 yearl olds in 2017

In our developmental process from the initial small leader-led support groups in 2016, we then formed ongoing self-led groups for men and women to discuss issues of aging together. These continue to this day!

By 2017, a robust steering committee had been established providing a variety of activities, workshops and presentations with professional speakers from both within and outside of FUUSN. In addition, the Over 60s presented a lively Sunday service related to our life cycle as well as involvement in summer service planning.

The first steering committee in 2017

Steering committee in 2019

Our current 2023 active steering committee:

Co-chairs Connie Adkins and Wendy Haskell with committee members Ruth Comstock, Judy Friedman, Sandy Horne, Helen Jordan, Nancy Stanton, Connie Stubbs, Claire Willis and Eileen Zubrowsky.

Central to our growth has been the creation of our own listserve which currently boosts up to 180 over 60s FUUSNites.   This email has allowed us to communicate with each other about our programs and also to exchange ideas, resources and information among ourselves. 

Spiritually and Ageing: Do We Get Older and Wiser? with guest speaker Rev. John Nichols

Panel on Alternative Housing Options

Chair Yoga with Helaine Golann

In late 2019 when Covid isolation began the Over 60s led the charge for organized gatherings on Zoom for TED Talks, movie discussions, a book group and also outdoor walking groups and outdoor Pickleball.  Groups were planned for all and a number of these groups are going strong today!   

 Current On-Going GROUPS;   “Resilience is not just built in individuals.  It is built among individuals!”  (Sheryl Sandberg).  

  • Self-led, women’s and men’s, discussing issues typical of this stage of life
  • Bereavement – open to all, – Claire Willis, LICSW, Leader  
  • Walking – open to all, – Ruth Comstock, Organizer
  • Pickleball – open to all,-  Bruce Kimball, Organizer   

Walking group on a winter’s day

Pickleball regulars

Pickleball in action!

Overview of the Over 60’s PRESENTATIONS   Topics, past and present

Medical Issues

  • How to Advocate for Oneself in this Medical System
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Exercise as Medicine
  • Medical Aid in Dying
  • And more….


  • Spirituality and Aging
  • Letting Go of Regrets
  • Importance of Belonging as We Age
  • Gerotranscendence
  • Moth Hours
  • Creative Salons
  • Chair Yoga
  • Writers Rising
  • Grief
  • And more…

Getting our Affairs in Order

  • Wills
  • Planned Giving 
  • Creating a Legacy
  • Estate Planning
  • Green Burial
  • Housing Options, many presentations 

Our Over 60s 2023 Wish List at present:

1) Increase our Intergenerational Connections- Ideas:          

  • Support FUUSN Religious Education program with elder’s expertise to share with children 
  • Be available for “Coming of Age” candidates to interview an elder  
  • Recruit FUUSN teenagers to help elders with computer tech struggles.

2) Keep track of and develop a system for outreach for elders unable to attend church.

3) Explore any new doable audio system in Sanctuary and meeting rooms.

4) Making the Over 60’s electronic library available to all

COME JOIN US!!!      Our mission continues to be one which is responsive to the expressed needs of our FUUSN cohort in developing programs, engaging their participation and that nourishes both the over 60s and the congregation as a whole.  

To be added to the Over 60’s listserv, get assistance, or comment, please reach out to: Barbara Bates, Wendy Haskell, or Connie Adkins

None of FUUSN’s wonderful Over 60’s events happen without your time, talent and treasure!   Fill out the Community Engagement Survey or Pledge   2023 Annual Pledge Drive – First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton (