Pledge to End Racism

Eighteen of us have taken The Pledge to End Racism.  Will you join us?

In November, we were lucky to have Annette Marquis and Anita Lee, successful pilots of this program in Richmond, VA and in quite a few other UU congregations, come to FUUSN to train a large group of volunteers (young and old) who are committed to this project. We spent a weekend together; on Friday and Saturday we had a workshop with many small group meetings, and on Sunday Annette preached a sermon about The Pledge followed by a talk-back with Annette and Anita.

The Pledge, to be prioritized on a daily basis, states:

  • I BELIEVE that every person has worth as an individual.
  • I BELIEVE that every person is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of race or color.
  • I BELIEVE that every thought and every act of racial prejudice is harmful; if it is my thought or act, then it is harmful to me as well as to others.

Therefore, from this day forward:

  • I WILL strive daily to eliminate racial prejudice from my thoughts and actions.
  • I WILL discourage racial prejudice at every opportunity.
  • I WILL treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • I WILL commit to working with others to transform this community into a place that treats people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures with justice, equity, and compassion, and
  • I WILL strive daily to honor this pledge, knowing that the world will be a better place because of my effort.

Stay tuned for the next phase of our Pledge to End Racism; a lot of information will soon be shared with the congregation via all of FUUSN’s communication systems.