Make a Pledge 2023-24

Part 1:  Financial Support

FUUSN’s many programs and operational expenses cost an average of $4,021 per household per year. Please choose the level below that best reflects your level of support.

Giving Level
In addition to my pledge, I would like to add:
FUUSN's Hardship Fund: Please consider donating an additional amount above your base pledge, to be used for individual FUUSN households that run into financial hardships that make meeting pledges difficult.
This is the sum of Your Pledge plus any donation you have specified for the Hardship Fund.

Street Address

Part 2:  Community Engagement

Your engagement in the FUUSN community is as important as your financial support.  After you click "Submit Your Financial Pledge" below, please complete our Community Engagement Survey. It takes 5 minutes.  You'll see a link to it on the next page, and also in an email to you acknowledging your pledge.