R.E. Assistant

Breathe in… Breathe out….
As we teeter on the cusp of Spring, I feel grateful for the energy around me, in the earth, in the air, and in this vibrant congregation.
Breathe in….
As day flows into night, so the year turns from darkness into light and back again, from falling leaves and dormant stillness, to the bursting forth of green shoots and the returning symphony of the migratory birds.

In the chaotic early days of my parenting journey, I found the concept of an “In-Breath” and an “Out-Breath” to be particularly grounding. We know how exhausting it can be to have to go-go-go without rest, but we can provide our little ones with the rhythmic cycle to balance their day; an “Out-Breath” of energetic play or an adventure outside the home is best followed by an “In-Breath,” some quiet restful time to regather, reflect and process.

Breathe out…
Adults need this reminder too, because while it may seem obvious, we so often forget that before we can exhale, we must inhale. Before we can do anything, (work, play, teach, harvest, serve) we must get ready (rest, prepare, gestate, plan, dream, gather).
Yesterday’s early spring weather was a welcome out-breath for me, as I opened my windows and allowed the fresh outdoor air to circulate through my home. Now I invite you to breathe in with me as we prepare for our work together of restoring the balance of our seasons, and calling back holy Love and Justice to our human society. Sundays may be busy here, but they are a day for us to reflect and restore, readying ourselves for the work week ahead. Let us breathe together… -Aofie