R.E. Connections

Dear FUUSN Community,

This week during the RE Sunday Service I talked about the importance of play. As this year draws to a close I want to recognize and appreciate all the ways I see this congregation bringing play and connection into its activities, from committee meetings, to youth group fundraisers, to Sunday school lessons, and fundraising events. We are at our best when we are reaching for each other. And we are even better when that reaching includes an element of levity and play.

Take your minister, for example. Erin gives a great gift to this congregation when she invites us to laugh together. I have seen her do this during board meetings, sermons, and social action events. To invite laughter into the process of community building and personal growth is not only a gift, it’s a necessity. I wanted to mention this during my sermon and didn’t have a chance. So there it is.

I’ll look forward to seeing you again this Sunday for our final service of the year, the community BBQ and Annual Meeting! And as you prepare to head off to your summer adventures, let me share a hope and a blessing:

May your days be filled with sunshine,

May you not shy away from the occasional thunderstorm,

May your connections with family and friends bring you joy,

And moments of solitude bring you peace, And may laughter leave its way through your days,

Until we meet again. In Faith and Community,                                                                                                              -Amanda Graff