R.E. Connections

Dear FUUSN Community, August is an exciting month, a time that feels full of possibility as we set our sights on creating another year of spiritual enrichment and learning together. It seems to me that what draws people to our UU congregations is the promise of community and deep connection. Living in our world at this time can feel hard and wearing, and being together in beloved community is the healing balm that many are seeking. Especially when we think of families raising young children at this time, we see the deep value our faith has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming each of you back with the Ingathering Service on Sunday September 8. We will gather the waters from our time away, and sing together to start a new year. This is a multigenerational service and ALL are welcome. Please also mark your calendars, and spread the word, for the start of this year’s religious exploration program on Sunday, September 15.

We are encouraging all families with children to register for RE by Sept 1. Registration is online, and all families should have received an invitation to register by email. If you, or someone you know, still needs to register or has questions about religious exploration at FUUSN, please have them contact me directly at amanda@fusn.org or call the office at 617-332-3438.                                                                 In faith and community, Amanda Graff