R. E. Connections

The wheel is come full circle, I am here.”
William Shakespeare

I received such a warm welcome this past week as I embarked on my latest adventure as Temporary Administrative Assistant to your DLRE. I had a chance to meet many of you on Sunday, but for those of you I missed, here is a little about me:

• My name is officially pronounced “EE-fa,” an Irish Gaelic name. However, I usually go by “OY-fee,” maybe just to be different, (or perhaps so nobody confuses me with Aoife O’Donovan.)

• My husband Michael teaches technical theatre at Newton North High School.

• We lived just up the road when our daughter Nerissa was born in 2006, and we attended FUUSN services and potlucks for a few years. I even sang in Roberta’s choir with my baby in a sling.

• I began work as a DRE in 2009 at First Church Dedham, the church of my childhood. Since then I served in Franklin and West Roxbury. The work has deepened my faith, and allowed me to grow as a leader.

• I love to teach drama, as well as sing, dance, act and direct plays. Like church, I value theatre as a way to bring communities together around a shared vision.

• I have a wacky sense of humor and am known to make terrible puns. You have been warned.

So it seems fortune has brought me back round to the community that sustained and supported me when I was a new parent. I am honored to be able to serve this vibrant religious education program and I look forward to working with your dedicated volunteer teachers and supporting the parents and care givers here as spiritual nurturers of their children.
Warmly, Aoife Barrington-Haber