R.E. Connections

What a full past couple of weeks it has been! More than 60 people attended FUUSN’s Passover Seder, hundreds attended the Passover/Easter service, and the Easter Egg Hunt had more participants than ever. Youngsters recited the Four Questions at the Seder with help and elders shared as well. About the Egg Hunt, one second grader excitedly remarked that at some “hunts,” kids don’t actually have to look for the eggs, but that at FUUSN’s, you had to work a little but that every egg was jam-packed with candy.

The rest of the year will look a little different for Children’s RE grades K-5th grades at FUUSN, except the 4th grade class which wants to continue acting out Bible stories. We have the Youth Bridging Service, Mother’s Day Walk for Peace (offsite), and the Coming of Age Service, which the older kids are specially welcome to attend. Here’s what to expect:

April 15th – K-8th grades: Community Building/Marathon Activities, led by FUUSN Youth (with adult support)

April 22nd – K-8th grades: Earth Day Activities April 29 & May 6th: 4th graders (only) will continue with play acting Jesus stories.

April 29th – May 20th: Mixed age groups (K-5) will be focusing on the worship arts. They’ll be exploring movement (e.g. yoga and making/walking a labyrinth), discovering where they awe and beauty (nature walks), trying out prayer through art, and more.

We’re partnering with youth and adults throughout the congregation who have skills and interests they’d like to share. Please let us know if you have a skill or interest you might like to share!

April 29th (youth service) & May 20th (COA service): 5th – 7th graders attend the service.

In faith,

Rowan & Beth