RE Updates

We’re off to a great start with our first Sunday of RE underway! Please note that RE Classes are scheduled to go until 11:30 a.m., in order to make sure there is enough class time, even though services often end earlier. Children in 2nd grade and younger need to be picked up by a parent or let the teachers know at the beginning of class (or let Beth/Rowan know in advance) if the teachers have permission to release children to someone else, including friend’s parents or older siblings. Children in 3rd grade and up are released to meet their parents at coffee hour.

It is disruptive for parents to pick up their children before classes end, as other kids start to wonder where their parents are and stop engaging in the lesson. Please do not pick up your children before 11:30 a.m. if it is at all possible. Similarly, our teachers are all volunteers and many have their own children to pick up in RE or want to join coffee hour as well. Please be prompt and pick up your children by 11:35 at the latest.

Lastly, please note that our 1st grade class is meeting upstairs in the Headstart Room this year! There are so many children registered at that level that we needed a larger space to accommodate them. After 1st graders are picked up, the Headstart Room will be available during coffee hour for children of all ages to play or do community service projects, with the supervision of their parents. In faith,                                                                                 –Rowan Van Ness