removed links to some testimonial videos

Based on feedback from Pat Rohan, I removed links for a number of testimonial videos from the page

Pat identified videos the contents of which are already incorporated into other “composite” videos.

Following is the list of videos, with youtube links, of links removed from the video testimonials page:

  • Connie Stubbs [youtube]
  • Meredith Ritter [youtube]
  • Nathan Persampieri [youtube]
  • Skye and Isa [youtube]
  • Maura Morse [youtube]
  • Brooke Welles [youtube]
  • Judy Zacek [youtube]
  • Jacky Colby [youtube]
  • Barbara Niles [youtube]
  • Sienna [youtube]
  • Brenda Roberts [youtube]
  • Zara, Emmy, and Isobel [youtube]