Fun Night Learning Non-White History

We had a fun and educational Monday evening event with several rounds of “Do you know who…” showcasing important contributions to science, arts, culture, and health by Non-White folks who typically do not get credit for their accomplishments. 

The event was part of a fundraising initiative to support the rehabilitation of the pews in the historic First Church in Roxbury, also known as the Meeting House, at the UU Urban Ministry. The restored Meeting House will be a home for the arts, humanities, and civic engagement in Roxbury – one that the neighborhood needs and deserves – as well as helping the UUUM live into its mission to “work across race and place to dismantle racism and white supremacy and to advance racial, social, and economic justice”. 

We were hoping to raise $1,000 to fund the restoration of a pew and thanks to the generous donations of folks who attended, we have exceeded our goal. FUUSN will receive special recognition for our support. But we are not done yet and it would be really great if we could raise additional funds to restore a second pew.

If you want to contribute to the restoration of a pew, you can get a check to Fran Clancy payable to the UU Urban Ministry with a notation “PEWS”. 

Your UUUM delegates: Barbara Bates, Kevan Hartshorn and Pat Rohan