Sign up for the final pledge parties this weekend!

Fellow FUUSNites,

The pledge drive is rolling toward completion, and this weekend is your last chance to attend a pledge party. There are a few slots open at parties on Saturday and Sunday, and lots of room at the Community Breakfast pledge party. If you come to one of the parties to pledge, you’ll save our crew of intrepid stewards the effort of tracking you down individually, for which they will be eternally grateful. You can find the pledge party sign-up form online here:
Meanwhile, we want to thank everyone who has already pledged. We have nearly 140 pledges in the books, and we are very happy to report that two-thirds have increased their pledges from last year! We’re especially pleased that we have quite a few new pledgers this year—they constitute nearly 10 percent of all pledges so far. The average pledge to date exceeds $2500. If we can keep up that rate, and get everyone to participate, we’ll be able to meet or exceed FUUSN’s goal. We’re looking forward to seeing lots more new and increased pledges in the coming days, and we hope you’ll join us at a party this weekend.
Your pledge drive co-chairs,
Julia Wolfe, Saul Lookner, Brian Gill