FUUSN Christmas Pageant: Acting & Singing Opportunities

It is time once again for the FUUSN Christmas Pageant, which will be held at the 5:00pm Christmas Eve service.

There will be two rehearsals, December 18 at 11:30 and December 24 at 4:00, both in the Sanctuary.  All children in kindergarten through 7th grade are welcome to participate, and younger children may also participate with parental supervision.

We hope to have all roles filled before the first rehearsal, where we will be handing out costumes. (Not all sheep/angel roles need to be filled, and more angels can be created if needed.)  Please use this form to sign up your children for the pageant to select their roles.  When you sign up a child for a role, please indicate their name and age.  For detailed information, please see last year’s Description of Roles document as well as descriptions on the signup-form.

If you’d like to sing with the Family Choir at the 5pm service on Christmas Eve, our wonderful RE Music leader, Ellie Foster, will be teaching the children a song for the Pageant. All are welcome to rehearsals on Sunday, December 4, from 11:30am to 12noon in the Chapel, along with December 11 and 18.

Photos of the pageant may be taken.  If you have any objection to your child being photographed in the pageant, please contact Rowan before registering your child.

If you have any questions, or don’t have children and want to help out, please contact Rowan Van Ness at rowan@fusn.org or Julia Huston at juliahuston@yahoo.com.