Speaker: Rev. Erin Splaine

Rev. Erin Splaine and Trenni Kusnierek

Our service will focus on the courage to live our authentic lives. We are very excited to welcome Trenni Kusnierek to the pulpit with Erin. Trenni is an Emmy award winning anchor/reporter for NBC Sports Boston and a long-time mental health advocate. She will … read more.

Reformation, Protest, Power

During November we reflect on the theme of truth, and explore the second of the seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith:

#2 Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations


The theme for September is Stewardship

“In-Gathering Service”- Rev. Erin Splaine What is Water Sunday? It has been the custom at the First Unitarian Society, as in many UU congregations, to start the new church year with an ingathering ceremony in which people pool together small … read more.