Special Collection for UU Urban Ministry, Feb. 5

The special collection at our February 5 service will be for the UU Urban Ministry.  Headquarted in Roxbury, the UUUM promotes justice and equality and works to create opportunities and instill hope for a brighter future for all. It does this by operating programs that provide education and enrichment programming for children and youth, emergency shelter for individuals and families fleeing from domestic violence, and volunteer-based capacity-building services for nonprofits serving Roxbury. It also provides space for non-profits like Fair Foods, which brings volunteers and residents together to salvage fresh produce and provide it to people in this well-known food desert.

The UUUM is uniquely committed to bringing together suburban congregations and residents of greater Roxbury to address inequities, white privilege, and racial justice. Volunteers from FUUSN (and other organizations) enable the UU Urban Ministry to offer a greater level of programming than their staff alone could provide. Many FUUSNites have forged important relationships across class, racial and religious divides at the UUUM. Bring your checkbook and please give generously to support the UUUM’s work and to preserve FUUSN’s rich opportunities to work with them.