Special Collection, Feb. 9

Upcoming Special Collection Feb. 9th dedicated to our neighbors in Waltham

There is an amazing organization in Waltham committed to building and strengthening the community for the wellbeing of all residents, most especially the underrepresented. WATCH, the Waltham Alliance for Teaching, Community Organizing and Housing, serves the poor in this city of 63,000 where almost 30% of people are foreign born. WATCH is all about empowerment, and its small staff has a big impact. It

• Leads community organizing efforts including a successful campaign to      persuade the City Council to spend Community Preservation Funds on affordable housing for the first time, providing rental assistance for 41 families at risk for homelessness.
• Hosts a Housing Clinic which helped 500 households this year. Services range from finding housing to resolving disputes with landlords to avoid eviction.
• Offers ESL and GED classes. Facing a three-year waiting list for its free classes,
WATCH engaged volunteer teachers, increased the number of sections, and reduced the wait to a few weeks.

WATCH will be the recipient of the special collection February 9th. FUUSN members Nancy Stanton and Connie Stubbs volunteer with the organization and are enthusiastic about its effectiveness and judicious use of resources. The Social Action Council hopes you will give generously for the benefit of neighbors just one town over.