Special Collection for Partakers

Partakers Mission Statement Partakers advances the education of men and women in prison and bridges the divide that separates those inside and outside of prison.  Through its College Behind Bars mentoring program, people in prison enhance skills critical to completing a college degree, and build trusting relationships. Both activities significantly increase prisoners’ chances for success when returning to the community.

For over 16 years, volunteers from FUUSN have worked Partakers in mentoring and leadership roles. Teams have worked with inmates to better their lives and to help those who are incarcerated re-vision their lives in a positive direction. In the process, we have educated ourselves about life behind bars and have become advocates for a humane criminal justice system.

Four teams of FUUSN volunteers have mentored or are mentoring four inmates as they worked toward their college degrees.  We have helped open new avenues of knowledge and success that the inmates never thought they could achieve. Our current mentee is due for release in the spring.

Our work with Partakers supports the UU principles of the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and justice, equality, and compassion in human relations.

Please give generously to this important organization. Make checks out to “Partakers.”

Thank you