Special Collection this Sunday, November 10

To complement the Music Sunday themes of home, exile, coming home, what’s over that rainbow, and our dreams for the world, the beneficiary of Music Sunday’s special collection will be the Newton-Brookline Asylum Resettlement Committee (NBARC), an interfaith coalition of six congregations of which FUUSN is one, working together to provide community-based support to asylum seekers. When our congregation joined the coalition several years ago, we promised our financial support as well as our active participation in providing services. You will be asked on Nov. 10 to donate generously to our once-a-year fundraiser for NBARC.

Many FUUSNites, as part of a network of volunteers from all six congregations, have offered housing, furniture, rides, clothing, and other forms of support over the past several years. As you may remember, Dick and Lynne Bail generously hosted one of NBARC’s early clients, an Ethiopian family of four. We were so happy for them when the family’s dad found work in his field and they were able to move into their own independent apartment. Sandra Mahaniah and Bobbie Sproat share the privilege of serving on FUUSN’s behalf on the steering committee of NBARC.

This year, the Lookner family (Saul, Christine, Zara, and Georgia) have welcomed into their home our newest client, a single woman from Uganda. She has received permission to work while her asylum case is pending, and she’s working very hard at 2 jobs in Newton totalling 60 hours a week! She has a support team of two NBARC volunteers, led by Stephanie St. Pierre, a young FUUSN member, attorney, and mom.

If you didn’t see the fuller description of our work in an email to the FUUSN Business List late last week, let Bobbie know, and I’ll forward it to you.

For the November 10 special collection for NBARC, please make your checks payable to FUUSN, with NBARC in the memo line. If you forget your checkbook on Sunday, please place an IOU in the collection basket, and follow up with a check to Fran in the office.