Various Technical notes about the domain

Contact with any questions or suggestions about the website, email, or other technical matters.

Website Email and Google Apps

Email for is hosted by Google. FUUSN has a non-profit google apps subscription.


The UUA WordPress Theme came with the Events Manager plugin installed. FUUSN already was maintaining a bunch of google calendars, and we want to allow people to continue to be able to use google calendars to maintain and distribute FUUSN events. Therefore, we deactivated the Events Manager plugin and moved the pages (Events, Categories, Locations, Tags, My Bookings) to the trash.

We briefly considered the Simple Calendar Plugin, but at the time of this writing (9/2016), that plugin was incompatible with the UUA WordPress Theme.

For now, we are going with the html generated directly by google calendar’s “embed this calendar” feature.

See the page Google Calendar Notes for more details.


The MySQL server (at hostname(s) are or alternatively (if we lose access to domain for some reason). The database for the WordPress site is fusn_wp_uua1. Generally the database is administered via phpMyAdmin, e.g. this page. The admin username is fusnsql_admin.


The WordPress MySQL database is backup up to external storage via a subscription to blogVault.

Source Code

There is a private git repo containing the source code for the website, hosted at bitbucket. If you plan the make changes to the website, please make sure you are able to both pull and push from/to the git repo.

Updates to the git repo are emailed to – send mail to to be added to the commit_watchers list.

Project Management

There is a Trello task board.

If you are interested in either adding tasks, or working on tasks, send email to