As noted on the Tech Notes page, FUUSN is using google calendars to maintain the disparate events around the FUUSN community. We embed the HTML generated by google calendar’s “embed calendar” feature into simple WordPress pages.

Currently there is an issue with the UUA WordPress theme such that we cannot use the “Full Width Page” template with an iframe as generated by google. Greg S. posted a query to the theme forum on Sept. 5 2016.

Google Calendars

Following is a current list of Google Calendars:

Calendars on site

  • Combined Calendar: Adult RE, Childrens RE, CoA, Committee Meetings, FUUSN Events, Music, HS Youth, Space Rental, Worship.  Month view, 800pixels wide, 600 pixels high. No title.
  • Home page calendar widget: Appearance > Widgets > Theme Sidebars > Home7 widget is same calendars as “Combined Calendar”, but agenda view, no title, width=300, height=400
  • Music Calendar: Music. No title, no calendar list.
  • RE Calendar: Adult RE, Childrens RE, CoA calendar, HS youth, RE council, RE teachers. 800 wide, 600 high, nav buttons, date, print, tabs, cal list, time zone, month view.