When you get a chance, please visit the FUUSN website to see intergenerational video testimonials about FUUSN by several FUUSN folks. There is a montage on the Home page, and you can see full versions of all of the videos by clicking on the Testimonial Videos link on the Home page. This initiative was spearheaded by Saul Lookner in his role as a member of the Member Services Committee and is designed to give folks looking at our website a good sense of what makes FUUSN special. The videos were shot by Michael Flynn and were edited for the website by Jaelynn Linares, our former Membership Coordinator. Greg Sullivan handled the technical steps needed to make the testimonials available on the website. Thanks to all of them and to those who participated by sharing their feelings about FUUSN. So take a look and enjoy viewing.

Pat Rohan, Chair of the Member Services Committee