Thank You

Dear FUUSN Community: The family of Ellen Humez offers grateful thanks for your individual and collective support as we celebrated Ellen’s life on October 28, 2017. It is always risky to single out certain people, for fear of overlooking deserving others, but we must mention a few. In our initial planning stage weeks ago, Fran was patient in her guidance, outlining with clarity the general procedure. Erin, with her warmth, and wisdom about the flow of a service, brought calm and dignity to our disparate elements. Jud’s expertise with the photo display was invaluable. During the reception, Sue Skoler, who suffered a similar loss years ago, volunteered to provide the punchbowl. Loyal friends who became kitchen chefs included Jackie Colby, Wendy Haskell, and Judy Zacek. Henry and Curran took their shifts with the coffee urns and clean up. Carson Cooman cooperated ingeniously with our unusual requests for the organ Prelude music. And the ubiquitous Anne Watson Born not only presented the requested large choral anthem sung by her stunning choir, but was to be found managing many physical details of the reception. I am personally indebted and wish a harmonious holiday season for all. …Roberta B Humez for Genevieve, Phyllis and Martha.