Thank UUs

Dear fellow FUUSNites,

I want to publicly thank Bruce Henderson for all the work that he has done over the past many months to vastly improve the electronic communications and website for the FUUSN community.

Bruce has worked tirelessly to reorganize the collection and distribution of FUUSNews — he has transitioned over to Mailchimp from an outdated mailing list system, and he has painstakingly collected and checked the list of subscribers from myriad inconsistent other lists. Bruce put an enormous amount of time into integrating the new newsletter distribution with the new WordPress-based website, working closely with Fran to work out systems for adding news items to the website and then automatically collecting those news items into bi-weekly mailings.

In addition to completely revamping FUUSN news collection and distribution, Bruce also re-created the “FUUSN yellow pages” on the website. For many years, Dan Brody had set up and maintained a “yellow pages” database using a now-defunct online database system. We had difficulty recreating that functionality on the old website, and when we transitioned to a new website this past summer, Bruce took it upon himself to create a similar system on the new site and to transfer the old yellow pages data into the new format. As with the FUUSN news distribution and content management, it took an enormous amount of time and effort, behind the scenes, to make all of this functionality available to the FUUSN community.

We are so lucky as a community to benefit from the creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication of Bruce’s efforts!  — Greg Sullivan

Bruce responds:  Greg’s note portrays only part of the story.  Greg has been the bedrock of experience and dedication in everything about FUUSN electronic communications.  He’s always there, always with a really good idea and a willingness to make it happen.

Also, Fran Clancy has been immensely helpful as we up-end the world as she knows it, asking her to post FUUSN news in new ways, all the while tapping into her knowledge of the congregation as we re-do the email distribution list, etc.
And Dan Brody has been an avid, thorough, and insightful advisor as we recast his earlier work on the Yellow Pages for the new platform.
It’s a joy to work with each of these good people.