Thanksgiving Matchmaking

OK, now that I have your attention… I participated in a Dinner for Seven last weekend and realized how much we all have missed being together. That got me thinking about Thanksgiving gatherings.

There are people at FUUSN who do not yet have Thanksgiving plans. They may be “orphans” (people with nowhere to go as of yet) or “renegades” (people who are looking for any excuse not to go where they are *supposed* to go), but they would love an invitation to join someone else’s Thanksgiving table. There are also people at FUUSN who would be delighted to broaden the circle around their Thanksgiving table (thereby providing both more bozo buffers against weird Uncle Fred AND a justification for having three different kinds of pie).

My thought is to try to match these people up. This is an experiment; we’ll never know if it works until we try, so here goes:

The ground rules:
Everyone should do a home Covid test the day of the event. Send regrets if you are not feeling well, regardless of test results.
Hosts have the right to require masking, and guests have the option to choose to mask even if no one else is.
Hosts and guests will coordinate directly as to what, if anything, the guest should bring.
Hosts and guests will also coordinate directly about the menu, with the (rebuttable) assumption that if the guest has dietary restrictions, the guest will bring appropriate food if needed, rather than expecting the host to modify the menu.
The process:
If you would be interested in joining someone else’s Thanksgiving group, please reply to me only, including the number of people in your party. Please include your phone number.
If you would be interested in adding people to your table, please reply to me only, indicating how many people you have room for. Please include your phone number.
The deadline for responding is this Saturday, November 19. I will then do my best to match people, and will let everyone know whether or not they have matched. Hosts and guests will then communicate with each other directly.
Let me know if you have questions – email or 617-827-2529.


Barbara Schmitt