Upcoming Events

Evening Song – Following the success of our first spiritual gathering Sunday, December 1 at FUUSN’s lovely a capella music and poetry Evening Song, the Over 60’s will be initiating a monthly invitation for gathering at each FUUSN Evening Song in the coming months. Evening Song is always on the first Sunday evening of each month from 7 to 7:30 pm and we will follow it with a spiritual time together in the Alliance Room to share candle light thoughts, poems, reflections and tea. Please keep posted regarding our monthly invitations and come join us! We hope to make this lovely spiritual gathering time a regular experience for our cohort while supporting these treasured musicians. Contact person for this initiative is Barbara Deck.

Poetry Invitation: Cathy Morocco will launch her new book, Dakota Fruit (Turning Points), on Sunday January 19, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the Alliance Room. Discussion and Refreshments follow. An overview of the book: The narrator of Dakota Fruit is coming of age endowed with music, art and a broad worldview, yet ignorant of the calamity that has pushed her family to the rural West. Sensing her parents’ displacement, she seeks solace and beauty by skating on thin river ice, “where a girl disappeared,” and gazing at images of Venus and Mary in Renaissance art books. Words and imagery reflect the daughter’s longing to pierce her father’s emotional remoteness. Poems in the mother’s voice reveal the cost of the father’s politics and his devastation at having a disabled son. McCarthyism and child autism threaten the bonds and tenacity of this American family during the 1950s.

Alternative Gift Fair – What are you getting “Aunt Millie” for a holiday present? “Hint:” find out on December 15! This year go to the FUUSN Alternative Gift Fair Sunday December 15 at our Coffee Hour. In just 45 minutes you can choose from all you favorite charities at tables around the Parish Hall and get your favorite relative or friend a meaningful gift! You will get a gift card to give to “Millie” that says you gave a donation in her honor to buy something to change the life of a needy person or do some good in the world. Be sure to pick up a menu of thoughtful gifts to choose from when you get to the coffee hour. Wendy Haskell will hand one to you as you enter the Parish hall. Once you have decided on a series of gifts for your friends and relatives, collect your gift cards, mark them on your menu and go to the cashiers by the stairs and give them a single check for the total made out to FUUSN. There you are all finished up in 45 minutes. No more shopping! No worries about adding stuff that got in the landfill. And a good feeling that you made a meaningful difference in the world!