Upcoming Worship Service Music

On February 17, our guest minister will be the Rev. Ken Reeves, preaching on “Try not to try. Quit trying not to try. Quit quitting.” The Family Choir will sing and the Sanctuary Choir will be singing a composition by our organist, Carson Cooman, with a text by Emerson.

On February 24, the service will center around the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., specifically his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” The choir will sing a powerful and beautiful setting of “Precious Lord,” one of Dr. King’s favorite songs. The song was arranged by Roland M. Carter, who is “especially noted as an authority on the performance and preservation of African American music.” (rolandcarter.com)

March 3 is the Annual Budget Drive kickoff service, always a high point of the worship year. We will reprise two songs from the recent FUUSN Musicians concert: “Jacob’s Ladder” as our Instant Choir piece, and “Tyrants Always Fall” by The Nields.

“This I Believe” is the center of our March 10 service, and the choir will sing “I Believe” by Mark Miller, who “believes passionately that music can change the world. He also believes in Cornell West’s quote that ‘Justice is what love looks like in public.’ His dream is that the music he composes, performs, teaches and leads will inspire and empower people to create the beloved community.” (markmiller.com)

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Music Sunday is March 24 and we welcome any and all who want to participate. The main focus of the service is composer Elizabeth Alexander’s Go Out!, “a musical celebration of liberal religion and freedom of thought.” We’ll also sing one or two gospel songs, reflecting Unitarian Universalism’s Judeo-Christian heritage. The Bottom Feeders (aka the Tenor & Bass Choir) will sing, the Flute Choir will play, and CreationDance will dance. Should be a rollicking good time. Email Anne Watson Born if you’d like to join the fun: music@fusn.org