UPDATES from FUUSN’s Social Action Committee

In the past year FUUSN’s Social Action (SA) Sunday monthly meetings stopped due to COVID-19 but some of its work continued. Peter Smith lost his co-chair of the committee when Lynn Holbein moved to North Carolina. Peter invited Eileen Kurkoski to co-lead the group and she agreed to fill in for 1-2 years. Her plan is to find and nurture energetic FUUSN activists to get involved in the committee and begin to take on some of its responsibilities.
The Social Action committee is made up of seven Task Forces with over 30 projects. The Task Forces include: Climate, Welcoming Immigrants Refugees, Criminal Justice, Economic & Racial Justice, Advocacy, Hunger & Homelessness, and International Partnerships. FUUSN provides 1.5% of its annual budget ($7,727 for 2020-21) to support these projects.
This virtual meeting (2/22/21) mainly focused on what the Task Force Groups in SA have been doing since February, 2020. The Task Force chairpersons reports are in the attachment below and include contact information for those who might want to get involved with any of these activities. Other projects are also welcomed through FUUSN members.
Please consider getting involved in social action projects and the committee by contacting the Task Force or SA Committee chairs. A little or a lot of help will be greatly appreciated. We plan to have two or three interesting virtual meetings in 2021 and will be planning for them on Sunday, 3/21 at 2pm or Monday 3/22 at 3pm. STAY TUNED!

Eileen Kurkoski 617-928-0958 – eileenkfoto@gmail.com
Peter Smith 617-233-6071 – psmith@igc.org