WATCH PARTY ON SUNDAY 7/28: Moral Monday at the Borderlands

Your Multicultural Ministry Initiative team has arranged for the chapel to be open Sunday 7/28, starting at 7:30 pm, to watch Dr. Barber’s “service of repentance and purification, in the spirit of the Southern Freedom Struggle, to ready our souls and bodies for a day of reckoning on the 29th” —  Moral Monday at the Borderlands

Let’s watch this piece of history together. Show Erin that we’ve got her back as she travels to represent our values in El Paso!

Bring your own water bottles and whatever else you may need. The livestream doesn’t actually start until 9:00 Eastern time, so we’ll soft-start with some social time, and with a quick check-in around 8:30.

See you on Sunday?

Jacki Rohan,

Multicultural Ministry Initiative