Water Sunday: Bring Your Water!


We are looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, Sept. 10, at FUUSN for our first Community Breakfast at 9:00 a.m. followed by our Annual Ingathering Water Sunday service at 10:15 a.m.

Our Ingathering Water Sunday is made all the more poignant this year as we are holding our neighbors in Bangladesh, Houston, India, Nepal and Sierra Leone in our hearts. We hold too the dual nature of water – that it is live sustaining as well – a precious resource which should be available to all. We hold our responsibility to continue our work against the degradation of our environment that continues to endanger us all and especially the most vulnerable. And on Sunday, we too will hold that water will bring us together as we begin our new year.

Bring the whole family for a healthy and delicious breakfast and then we will gather in the sanctuary to celebrate our first multigenerational worship service of our new year together.

Please remember to bring a small vial of water from places or events that have had meaning for you these past few months. If you don’t have a vial, bring a handy beaker or something. 

See you in three days! -Erin Splaine, Minister