Welcome Rev. John Nichols

This Sunday, September 25, John Nichols will step into our pulpit as Sabbatical Minister. John is familiar to many of us from his time as an Interim Minister before we called Erin. He will be in the building three mornings a week and Sundays after services. He’ll attend Board, Operations, and Steering Committee meetings and assist with memorials and counseling. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation.

Cathy: John, why did you accept our invitation to return?

John: Of all my interim churches over 15 years, FUUSN is my favorite. You have fun. And I love the staff and your great music.

C: How is this job different from your earlier role as Interim Minister?

J: I’m here to help you do your business, not to change things.

C: Who has been important to you?

J: My wife, and Gerry Krick was my best friend.

C: What are you currently reading?

J: The Immortal Irishman, a biography of Timothy Egan. This guy went through the 1840 Troubles, the potato famine and membership in the IRA. He came to the US and wound up an officer in the Union Army, leading an Irish brigade. Later he was the Governor of Montana. A great story!

C: What is a good Board of Trustees?

J: A visioning Board. If a congregation has a sense of where it wants to go in two years, they’re better able to handle individual decisions. What would a more welcoming congregation look like? How would we know we’re more welcoming? The Board would have a short list of goals, rather than a bit of everything.

Midwesterners would call John “straight-talking.” In 2010, John challenged us: “You’re an outstanding church and deserve one of the vital ministers who are out there. But they won’t come, unless you show that you can finance yourselves.” Well, we do, and Erin joined us. John, we’re happy to see you again!

— Cathy Morocco, Board Chair