If you like the idea of creating a welcoming environment at FUUSN on Sunday mornings, we hope you will sign up to be a greeter or to help out at the Welcome Table as part of the Membership Services Committee’s new Sunday morning teams. You can help out with greeting attendees in the sanctuary or providing welcome, information, and socialization during coffee hour. We’re looking for four people to be at FUUSN one Sunday per month. This includes one lead organizer per month. You can sign up here.

This is not difficult work! (And Jeannie will let you know how it’s done). But it is very important. We’re looking for FUUSN to feel friendly as folks arrive, and to provide a comfortable experience to newcomers who are finding their way at coffee hour.

If you would like more information, please contact Jeannie Chaisson at chaissonrn@rcn.com, or Heather Beasley Doyle at heather@fusn.org.