West Coast Swing

I’m going to be teaching a 4 week west coast swing series at FUUSN. It’s just for the FUUSN congregation. It will be 4 Monday nights followed by a trip to a rather low key dance in Burlington. It’s free. No partner needed.

The dates are Monday, October 7, 21 and 28, and November 4. It will be 7:30-8:30 in the Children’s Chapel (sorry, but it’s the only space available). We’ll go to my teacher Tessa Antolini’s dance on Friday, November 8, where I will be the DJ. As I already said (but worth repeating), no partner is needed. Everyone will dance with everyone. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The shoes preferably should have some slide to the soles.

If you don’t know what west coast swing is, it’s a slower, smoother swing dance. We’ll learn the basics, but after that it’s highly improvisational. What we’ll be doing is pretty easy and fun. There’s a video of Tessa below. It’s not choreographed. Let me know if interested. Ron Margolin, ronles@rcn.com